High School Video Challenge

Crime Stoppers of Hamilton,  in partnership with the Hamilton Police Service Economical Insurance of Waterloo, offered another Safe Schools Video Challenge this year.  Secondary schools in Hamilton were invited to create a 2-minute video that shows how Crime Stoppers tackles crime and improves safety in your high school.

We received 10 submissions from 3 schools:  Cathedral High School, St. Jean de Brebeuf and Bishop Ryan.

The top 3 winners were all from Matt Trabucco’s class at Cathedral.  CONGRATULATIONS!

# 1:  Re-Wind by Amber Dobbs, Aaron Tait, Filipe Machado, Sebastian Paciocco and Bruno Ruela

# 2:  Defend the Innocent by Elaine Corro, Natasha Vietman, Evelyn Lowe-Hayes, Phillipa Blake and Sarah Wasyleko

# 3:  Make the Call by Sebastian Paciocco, Aaron Tait, Filipe Machado, Bruno Ruela and Amber-Jade Dobbs

Appreciation Night 2015 003-sm 2Appreciation Night 2015 024-1-sm

Mr. Trabucco’s department won a total of $1000 (1st place:  $500; 2nd place: $300; 3rd place: $200) in prize money.  All the students received flash drives and other goodies compliments of Economical Insurance.

The Bishop Ryan entries from from Mrs. Citrigno’s classes:

  • Bullying
  • Bully
  • PSA Cellphones
  • Safe School
  • Stop Bullying!
  • Stop Drug Use!

The St. Jean de Brebeuf entry was from Mr. Persi’s class.

  • Bullying
THANKS to all the participants!

2014 Video Challenge 2 jpeg