Crime Stoppers is NOT a police organization.

Crime Stoppers consists of a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of members of the community. The Board is responsible for the administration and operation of the Crime Stoppers Program in Hamilton.  The most important job of the Board is to raise funds for the reward program and the program operating costs. Crime Stoppers is not funded by any government program.  Funds are raised through donations from the business community, service clubs and personal donations from concerned citizens. Since the program is incorporated as a charitable organization, all donations are tax exempt.


Crime Stoppers is seeking community minded individuals who live or work in the Hamilton region that are interested in being part of our Board of Directors and volunteer their time in the fight against crime.  Our goal is to help make our community a safer place in which to to live and work.   The Boards’ responsibility is to promote the program and to raise funds to operate the program.

Board Members:

  • Plan and implement events to raise the funds to operate the program
  • Approve rewards to tipsters
  • Promote the program through public awareness  – to help citizens understand the role that the Crime Stoppers Program has in reducing crime
  • Develop policies and procedures for the organization.

Crime Stoppers of Hamilton is looking for volunteers with an interest or experience in the following areas:

                                                  Media                           Accounting                             Marketing            Education

                                                Business                      Grant Writing                         Fundraising        Legal Issues

Crime Stoppers of Hamilton is a working board whose members are required to attend monthly early morning meetings, work on various projects, attend fundraisers and other social/community events..  To support our ongoing costs and be able to provide services, funds need to be raised through donations or fundraising efforts. New Board Members must be committed to assist in these efforts.  If you are interested in applying and require additional information, please contact our Business Office:  Phone: 905-546-4808


Crime Stoppers of Hamilton, Inc.’s Memorandum of Agreement with Hamilton Police Service states that “the Program must operate in a manner which is beyond reproach and acceptable to the general public.”  Included in our organization’s Aims and Objectives is the provision that each Board Member “must promote community welfare and assist the Corporation in their dealings with Government boards, the police services boards, other agencies, the judiciary, the media and the public.”  The Board Member Code of Conduct outlines the  behaviour expected of Board Members including such statements as, “Treat citizens and staff with dignity, consideration and respect,” “Maintain a professional relationship with other board members, police services and other volunteers,” and “Carry out assigned duties with integrity, honesty and objectivity at all times.”

The screening of applicants for Board Members includes, but is not limited to, the following before an interview can take place:

(a) a Background Clearance Check by the Hamilton Police Service
(b) a check of references listed on the Application Form
(c) an open source review of the applicant’s social media.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer Board of Directors, please complete the Application Form for the Hamilton Board of Directors and submit to the Crime Stoppers Office by mail or by scanning the completed form and emailing to  Email: